Club Session 16th March

It was a packed evening last night with the carpark filling up by 7.30pm!  We have a lot of new players coming along which is good to see all bringing a new set of interests.  Matthew is after War of the Rings games with his Gondorian force, and Paul is looking for Warhammer Fantasy games as well as exploring some of the Ancient games on offer.

There was a broad mix of games in the hall;

– 3 impressive looking Warhammer 40K games – 28mm Sci-Fi,

– WAB2.0 medieval clash – 28mm Ancients,

– Flames of War – Japanese assault on Singapore – 15mm WW2,

– Field of Glory 15mm Ancients (Carthaginians vs Neo-Assyrians)

– Clash of Empires Lydian against Skythian – 28mm Ancients

– 2 Warmachine games with some very beautiful miniatures on the tables,

– Legend of the 5 Rings card game

– 2 Magic the Gathering card games

– A blood bowl match

– A large dark future apocalyptic role play session

It was an evening of good news and awards.    We had the awards for the team who cam bottom in the Burton Field of Glory doubles tournament.  Paul and Rob took the beautifully painted prizes home and again put SAD on the map.  Sean also announced that he had been in the winning team at the recent Spikey Boys 40K tournament, whilst Colin and Craig kept up the club traditions and ended up in the bottom team.  The good news is that the Spikey Boys give out some really good prizes for those who come in last.  Now all we need to do is find out how the 5 club members off to Evesham this weekend do in the Havok WAB2.0 tournament organised by Gripping Beast…

It was agreed in the evening break to purchase a massive sheet  of rubberised horse hair to make hedges.  We also discussed the Sci-Fi buildings purchase agreed at the AGM and will likely go ahead and purchase these directly from GW.

The ‘Unruly Natives’ Ancients Campaign for the Ionian Revolt kicked off with 8 players.  The agora session identified those with the biggest egos and the four campaign battles established.




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