Club Session 26th October

There was a packed evening last night with a wide variety of games being played, not least of which was the very large and impressive Warhammer 40K campaign final battle involving 8 players.  The armies looked great on the newly painted terrain.  Thanks to Paul B for organising the campaign.

We had a mix of other games going on including;

3 Flames of War games

The Sword and the Flame – 28mm Indian Mutiny (The Mutineers won)

Legend of the Five Rings Card Game

Magic the Gathering card game

Large Role Play session

WH40K Chaos on Chaos game

A game of Malifaux (an interesting looking game with some great miniatures) – try

If I missed anyone please let me know.

Warfare is rapidly approaching Reading 19th and 20th November 2011.   This is a great opportunity to see things in the ‘lead’ so to speak as well as avoid paying postage for any orders.  There are a host of traders (around 70 I think) as well as some very well attended wargames competitions including WH40K, Flames of War, WRG6th, DBMM 15mm & 25mm, 15mm FOG Classical & Medieval, 25mm FOG Medieval, WH Fantasy (2200 pts). More details available at .

Announcements included a poll for booking the hall on the 29th December as well as the 28th (please join the forum discussion).  We also disucssed organising a club weekend at the Wargames Holiday Centre in Basingstoke – again let your interests be known on the Forum.

Finally if you are having trouble joining the forum just drop me a line.






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