Club WHFB WH 40K FoW Competition 30th May

Hello all.
Here are the rules for the Flames of War Competition


1500 points
From Festung Europa or Fortress Europe
No Armoured Companies (tank)


Cauldron (No Defensive Battle special rule)(Defending forces lose all transport teams both armoured and un-armoured for the on table units)
Road Block

This gives us an all over scenario of;

A defensive line being punched through.
Then the unit that has broken through has to “Dig in” until reserves arrive. While the other side tries to eliminate them.
After this the defender has to prevent the reserve column getting through to the “Dug in” unit.

There will be a random allocation of attacker in the first scenario, unless Defensive special rule makes one side the attacker.

The winner of the first scenario will be the defender in the second.

The winner of the second scenario will be the defender in the third scenario.

Victory points as per rule book.

The player with the highest overall points wins at the end.


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