Cold Steel 2009 – Shock SAD win confounds pundits

Just to say that Andy, Steve Large, and myself went the the Warhammer Ancient Battles Cold Steel 2009 tournament at Evesham over the weekend in the Gripping Beast Hall.

It was a themed event using the WAB Age of Arthur book by James Morris and Steve Jones using 3 different sized armys taken from the same list through a series of four themed scenarios.

I took forces from the Twilight of Britania List (Romano British) based upon forces assumed around Cirencester, whilst Steve took a Saxon raiding force, and Andy took his Welsh Kingdoms force.

Photos are available on the WAB forum website .  Just scroll down to the cheesy grin at the bottom of the pictures (and I’m not referring to the bronze boar).

Andy won the event, which seemed to surprise him more than anyone when it was announced and he was awarded a magnificent bronze boar trophy.

All in all a great day despite the freezing hall.  Definately an event to include for your calendars next year.  There will be a WAB Hot Lead event sometime in July which is also worth looking out for.




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