Colonial Diplomacy – 1876 Turn

1876 has proven to be a fairly active campaign year with lots of manouvering and open clashes throughout Asia.

Orders received

Some empires have forgotten that areas captured in the non-supply order turn don’t count as captured unless they continue to be held in the next Supply Order turn.

Increases in Empires;

Japan: 2 (Cebu, Sakhalin)

China:2 (Kashgar, Chunking)

Britain:1 (Egypt)

Russia:1 (Tashkent

Holland:1 (Davao)

France:3 (Upper Burma, Mandalay, Manila)

Ottomans:2 (Romania, Shiraz)

Would you let me know what your new builds are, and where they will be built? If you can get these back to me for the weekend that would be great.  Please remember that new builds may only come on into one of your original supply points.

Next turn is due on Sunday 5th March. I’ve started a new job so am now under new time pressures (poor excuse for the delay in this update).  For the next couple of turns we will be running monthly.  I will endeavour to return orders by mid-month, for order submissions by month end.


Current held locations and newly captured supply points;





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