Commando Raid

The Brave British Commandos attacked an Italian Base in the dead of night, using stealth, Bravery and a lot of ammunition. They stole in to the sleeping Village guarded by a platoon of Fucilieri backed up by 4 HMG’s.

The mission objective was kept a complete mystery by having multiple Possible objectives on the table. Ammo dump, Gestapo HQ, Rail and road bridges, artillery site and Anti Aircraft site.

Commando 1

As they came around the corner of a house they bumped in to a HMG nest and were met by a fuselade of lead but quickly knocked it out with grenades and knives.

Commando 5

The Italians fought back against overwhelming numbers experience and determination, and briefly managed to push the commandos back from a building they had just taken. they were of course led by an unknown hero (finding his place on page 2 of the Italian heros book 1914-1945.)

The Italians fell back on to a strong point which was under constant mortar and HMG fire, from well placed commando units.

 Commando 4

Italian Reserves came on and would scare the British Commandos only in the quantity of the troops. Mortars fell on the first platoon and killed 3 teams and made the rest hug the ground for safety.

Commando 6

The mighty Italian armoured column (L6/30’s) rumbled over the railway bridge and up the main road. Just in time to see the Ammo and fuel dump erupt in flames and lots of bangs. Commandos ran for cover and also for the edge of the board.

Commando 8

A great victory for the British but at the loss of 6 teams of commandos, the Italians lost fuel, Ammo, a platoon and a half of infantry and worst of all…. missed the rest of their nights sleep!

Normal British infantry used instead of commando figures, American Rangers could be the attackers also, any Axis troops could be used as defenders.

1000pts of Allies 1250pts of Axis.

4-6 possible objectives on table (chosen at random after the table has been set and Allies entry point chosen)

1/3rd of Axis Infantry units start on table the rest come on as reserves but only after the alarm is raised by firing or the defenders spotting the attackers. 1/2 of allies come on in first turn, the rest in turn 2. 

The game is played entirely at night so usual spotting rules in use.

Good luck



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