D-Day end of week two’s gaming

The allies have moved on in some areas, but have been pushed back in others.

The British have pushed down and out from their beaches and now have a nice perimeter around Caen.

The Americans are struggling in the West. Their Paratroopers have finally been pushed off the map as far as Firestorm troops go. Utah beach has been given up on.

2nd Armored (US) and 7th Armoured (British) have landed to aid the Allies and been pushed straight in to combat.

Panzer Lehr also arrived and went head long up against 2nd Armored. And lost!

This week 49th Inf Div arrived for the British and 6th Armored for the US.


The German Panzer reserves have arrived!

101st Schwere, 9th SS Panzer and 10th SS Panzer have arrived from the East and South East and moved in to the battle.

Normandy Map Allied


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