DBM/M Intro

DBM players have somewhat drifted away in our club, there are a few left but they have moved more and more to DBMM (the follow up to DBM)…Ancients in 15mm is still alive and well at our club but simply put not as striong as before!

The club still fields a decent team or 6 for Burton Doubles – although its more a a social gathering as you can’t call us hardened competition players with one outing a year can you now! (Highly recommended is the beer in “The Bridge” pub Burton)

We have armies from all periods, from the compulsory New Kingdom Egyptian, through Classical Indian, Macedonian, Lydian, Ayyubid Egyptian, Arab Conquest, WoTr, Tuareg, Breton, Welsh, Viking, Hussite, Free Company, EIR, Muslim Indian, Burmese, Khmer, 100 years war English, Byzantine, etc- oh and did I mention my Welsh:) oh well can never have to many Welsh:)

A game or two is invariable played each or every other week, usually at 500ap so feel free to approach and ask to join in and/or arrange game game for another week.

Author: Andy


  1. Taking Issue
    I feel I must correct the above, the author of this speaks for himself and not the DBM-playing club members (a trend noticeable elsewhere on this site). It is a shame articles such as this are not solicited from people closer to the subject.
    There are some very strong DBM / DBMM players in the club some of whom would certainly describe themselves as hardened competition players. The club has a very respectable showing in the south west league having attended several league competitions, indeed nearly winning Devizes (something one would have thought could, indeed should have been mentioned in the above article!).
    I should like to make it clear to any DBM / DBMM players who visit this site
    and are considering SAD members as possible opponents, that Swindon and District Wargames Club does have some very talented, capable and competitive players as members any of whom would be happy to give you a challenging and rewarding game.
    The above article is not reflective of the competitive spirit amongst our
    habitual DBM/M players and the list of armies played in the above article is
    not in any way representative, to my knowledge none of the above armies except
    the Welsh have been played (using DBM) on a club night for at least a year.
    The armies routinely in use are: Welsh(yes indeed), Italian Condotta, Yuan
    Chinese, Early Carthaginian, Finnish Leidang, Khitan Liao, Medieval French,
    Han Chinese, Palmyrian Roman, Early Imperial Roman and a few others I cannot
    presently recall. This is a list of armies from a spread of players and not
    just my personal collection.
    To close I should like to emphasise that we do have a very strong, committed
    and capable DBM/M community within Swindon and District Wargamers who are happy to accept challenges from every level of player from the beginner to the veteran.

  2. Graham, as a member you can edit the article – please do so to bring it up to date and representative of the clubs DBM/M players. Thanks (Andy – original author of the article)

  3. Should we increase the scope to include the FoG rules? I must admit to being intrigued enough to want to give them a go as well (as well as DBMM…)