Deployment – Fathers Day Game 2015: NKE vs Hittites

For our annual fathers day game this year we have returned to the biblical period and are fielding New Kingdom Egyptian vs Hittite, previously this match up (5 years ago?) saw some 96 chariots fielded in total by both sides, this years aim was to field 200 chariotsĀ  – alas we did not manage thatĀ  – we exceeded it by a good margin and we have 246 chariots on the table, with of course supporting infantry…

Below are pictures the dep0loyment – the game starts at 9am Sunday morning. We will be using our own unwritten (and usually remembered differently between players) set of WAB (ish) rules for the game.

Hittite: Andy & James
NKE: Warren & Mike

Hittite: Andy, Warren & James
NKE: Andy, Warren & Mike

The main manufacturers of the figures are Newline Designs, Foundry and Old Glory.

The table measures 14ft by 6ft and is largely devoid of any terrain that could interfere with the noble charioteers, and the battle is being conducted under the shadow of the walls of a great city




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