Don’t put your daughter on the stage Mrs Worthington

Well, not this particular stage anyway…

The scene was set – a horde of unwashed Mexican Bandidos, in the form of the Droopy Moustache Gang, had decided to try and stop the stage as it thundered past on its way to Oxskull Ridge. What they hadn’t expected was that the Lone Stars – a bunch of Texas Rangers were along for the ride.

The idea behind the scenario was that the stage coach had to escape off the opposite side of a 6′ table while the Bandidos had to try and stop it – and boy was it a close one.

The first turn went well with the Rangers dropping a couple of the Mexicans who had set up in a firing line close to the road, but things went from bad to worse as the mounted Bandidos joined in the frey.

Not only did the mounted Rangers fail to do much damage to the non-mounted Bandidos, but they were taking casualties fast, so despite the fact that the stage got past the main body of Mexicans, the Rangers were in dire trouble.

The Ranger Captain had opted to ride shotgun and he singlehanded beat off two mounted Mexicans who were trying to stop the stage, taking one of the them out of the action in the process.

As the Stage left the far side of the table, the only Ranger still standing was the Captain courtesy of some good die rolls for the Head for the Hills tests.
A few of the mexicans were on the floor, but most were milling around looking for spoils on those they had put down.

The overall result was a win to the Rangers, with two Mexicans failing to survive the post-match injury rolls.

So, don’t put your daughter on the stage – send her to work in the theatre instead.
What’s that you say Mr Lincoln ? The theatre is the safest place ?


  1. It was a good game, hard fought and a very brutal one too!
    One of my Mexican Peons took out TWO of the Ranger posse single handedly!
    Yet he wasn’t treated to the pleasure of a “kid done good” roll!

    Next time Gringo, Next time!!

    Rico Chihuahua

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