Flames of War “Fall Gelb”

In April I intend to run a historical based scenario campaign.


The  German Invasion of Low Land Europe.

I am after participants to be prepared to field “poorly powered, armoured and gunned” tanks and pit their brave foot sloggers in an all out war to defend/conquer France, Belgium and Holland.

I have a hardy band of men already risen to the call with troops and tanks in excess of the participants.

So if you are a member of the club and fancy joining us in a refight then let me know and I’ll get the ball rolling.





  1. I have a French Force ready and painted consisting of a couple of Infantry Platoons, a couple of HMG platoons, a couple of Anti Tank Platoons, and a couple of Artillery batteries. I even have some tanks, so named for their ability to ‘tank’ across the table rather than their armour (or lack of it).



  2. A quick Update.

    so far we have 9 players interested.
    Between us we have
    British Infantry (4 lots)
    Brtitsh Armour (1 lot)
    French Infantry (2 lots)
    French Armour (1 lot)
    Dutch Infantry (1 lot)
    Dutch Armour (you must be joking!)
    German Infantry (4 lots)
    German Paras (1 lot)
    German Armour (3 lots)

    This means that we have loads of scope for “Training games” between now and then, and hopefully the rules and Army lists won’t change too much either.

    Let me know if you fancy a practice game….


  3. Who’s up for a couple of trial games pre campaign start?

    I can do French German British or Dutch.


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