FOW: German vs Indian Company!

Flames of War Battle Report

This was the first game between two new armies. Both Warren and I had painted up a new 15mm Flames of War force, and this was our first chance to get them on the table.

My Grenadier Kompanie had:

HQ with 2 panzerknackers
Grenadier platoon, 4 squads and panzerknackers
Grenadier platoon, 4 squads and panzerknackers
Grenadier platoon, 3 squads and panzerknackers
Machine Gun Platoon with 4 heavy machine guns
Anti-tank Platoon with 2 PAK40 75mm anti-tank guns
Artillery battery with 4 105mm guns
Heavy Anti-Aircraft battery with 2 88mm Flak 36 guns

Warren’s Indian Company had:
HQ, Indian pattern Troop Carrier, 2 Blacker Bombards
Rifle platoon with 3 squads, light mortar and PIAT
Rifle platoon with 3 squads, light mortar and PIAT
Machine Gun Platoon with 4 heavy machine guns and 5 Indian Pattern Troop Carriers
Infantry Tank platoon with 3 Matilda II tanks
Anti-tank platoon with 4 6lb anti-tank guns mounted on trucks as portees.
Artillery battery with 4 25lb guns
Transport platoon with 4 3 ton lorries
Carrier Patrol with 3 Indian Pattern Carriers with hull MG
Sporadic air support from Hurricanes armed with bombs.

Set up was like this:
The red markers are Warren’s objectives – the blue markers are my objectives. I had a 4-squad Grenadier platoon on each objective, with 2 MG supporting each. My 88mm anti-air guns were placed centrally. My artillery hid behind a hill. The third platoon was on the far left, ready to attack the left objective that was on top of the hill.

As Warren’s armour was opposite my 3rd Platoon I decided to dig in and destroy his armour before advancing. However, Warren got air support the first two turns and my 88mm Flak guns shot at the aircraft instead – with pitiful results, as I didn’t shoot down a single aircraft. This allowed Warren to knock off one of my Pak guns and thin out my 2nd Platoon and my artillery. It also allowed Warren to get 2 of his 3 tanks behind a hill where my anti-tank guns couldn’t get to them.

Warren’s infantry platoons raced on a converging course towards my left objective, but Warren concentrated his artillery and machine guns on my 1st Platoon guarding my right objective. Consequently, Warren’s infantry attacked my un-pinned dug-in infantry and machine guns, with the result that his attacks were repulsed by defensive fire, and then Warren failed to un-pin them.

Warren’s right most platoon (on my left) did get to attack my left objective, but was counter-attacked with devastating results.


Warren’s 3 squads are swamped by two almost complete Grenadier platoons. In this picture, all Warren’s tanks have been knocked out by my artillery firing over open sights.

This is the centre of the battlefield. My surviving 88mm Flack gun faces one squad and the command element of Warrens other infantry platoon. The yellow marker is to show they are pinned.

By the end I had not destroyed Warren’s company, and even if I had, I would not have claimed a victory, as all I did was sit still and let Warren attack me. Still, it was a very enjoyable game and Warren is always a good opponent.

I know it is wrong to judge your army on just one outing, but I have decided to get more mobile anti-tank guns and better AA protection. And I’ve almost got my KV1-e painted…