Good vs Evil – Or Lawmen vs Outlaws

Madisons Marshalls were given the nod by a concerned member of the public that Pauls outlaws were looking to attack the town. As the lawmen panned out around the village, pauls outlaws strode confidently in to town.

Gun shots rang out as members of both posse struggled for control of areas of the town. Nether side gained the advantage for a while as both posses cautiously picked there fights. Finally the stalemate was broken with the body count stacking up slowly. Pauls outlaws began getting the better of the brave lawmen, both sides refusing to back down.

The last round 4 outlaws stood against 2 lawmen. The lawmen had a chance to run but decided to charge and managed to take down the leader of the outlaws but then managed to fail there ‘run for the hills role’.

Over all a great game both sides refusing to give up right to the end. But as always one person has to win, and Pauls outlaws took the win.

Matt’s lawmen not only lost the game but 2 off his recruits died and 1 was captured by Paul.

Paul won the game and managed to role a ‘kid done good role’ and gain himself another hero. And ransomed one of Matts lawmen back to him.

But as they always say there is always tomorrow and Matt challenged Paul straight away. This time Matt is not only outnumbered but has a loss under his belt already.

Matt Hart


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