Hill 123 The Great War Starts

Simon and I had a Battle in December from World War 1 which we knew would be over by Christmas!

Check out the Pictures below. But here is a quick resumee…

Si’s Germans were defending Hill 123 from a British Battalion.

Neither unit conformed to the Rules but they were scratch defence units and certainly Scratch attack units

The Germans had 2 infantry coys 1 Guard coy 1 jaeger platoon 3 MG’s 1 field gun and 1 Cavalry Unit (1000pts ish)

The Brits had 3 Infantry coys 1 scout platoon 3 armoured cars 2 MG’s 1 field gun 2 mortars and a cavalry unit (1600 points ish)

Initially the German Maxims created havoc on the British infantry and armoured cars but 2 of them had to be withdrawn to a crucial spot further down the line! (There was mutual agreement between Si and I that there was NO way I’d get up that Hill with 3 MG’s facing me)

The Sikhs made short work of the Jaegers once the MG’s had been withdrawn and the Last MG was blown apart by accurate field gun fire. the mortars also brought in accurate fire on the dug in German defenders.

The German field gun seems to have had defective sights as it was unable to Hit the Barn door that the Brits had brought along with them. But when reduced to 1 man firing the gun did eventually manage to destroy the final mobile armoured car, but then the last man was shot by infantry behind a hedge row.

The Germans brought in Cavalry against the British Left flank and were repulsed by a second British unit attacking their flank therefore helping the beleagured platoon caught in the open.

The Sikhs Charged the Hill with British Infantry in flank support. This initial assault was repulsed but at great loss. The Germans holding the front line ran to the rear, while the British troops reorganised for another assault German Guard infantry jumped in to the trench just seconds before the British assaulted again.

Down to a few defenders now the final British Assault went in, all the participants were completely soaked in the blood of freind and foe alike by now. The British eventually kicked the Hun off the Hill with another fresh platoon Right flanking the hill to chase off the Company command and Brigadier who had overseen the defence.

All in all a damn good tussle and a well spent day.

Next time we may well have to stick to the rules on organisation and movement of MG’s mortars once they’ve been fired. attacking along an 8foot table with mortars that fire 2 feet is VERY hard.


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