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The club meets every week at the Moredon Community Centre, Emlyn Square. Meeting time is 7pm to 11pm on Wednesday evenings.


Moredon Community Centre 1 The Street. Swindon SN25 3ER

Scheduled Games – Wednesday Nights
All types of games are played some more regular than others – but our members are a varied lot and are willing to try anything!

Typical games played include: STARS (X-Wing Armada) BOLT ACTION, SWORDPOINT, SWORD and SPEAR, WAB, WH40K, DBM/M, FoW, ACW/AWI, Napoleonics (General de Brigade, Black Powder, Grand Maner, Blucher…) , MechWarrior DA, Battletech, many different card game, Darkest Africa, Starship Troopers, Colonial Wargaming, SWAG, CoE, WaC, Dropzone Commander, LoTR, many of the TooFatLArdies rules, SAGA, Flames of War, TEAM YANKEE etc…