If their are 40 members in our club, why don’t I know any of them !!!!

Okay, Ive been gaming for the last 22 years, and been a member od SAD since outset. However, my wargaming has been pretty inconsistent over ther past few years; mainly due to an unsympathetic wife and two children. As I have now served my time as a caring, thoughful husband and been pardoned accordingley I am now allowed to go to most Wednesday club nights and indulge in my sordid pastime.

To say I am proud of being a member of SAD is an understatement. We have a reasonably large membership, varied age group at most of all any game/period/ruleset/scale/genre goes. Now, I view myself as a historical wargamer so I dont tend to participate in the huge number of fantasy/40K games played. I’m not a great fan of ancients or modern. I like horse and musket, colonial, WW2.

I normally game with Warren,Phil, Warren again Phil if hes available, not to mention Warren and I once had a game ith Derek. Did I mention Phil. You catch my my drift. I am neither smelly, that ugly, obnoxious, armyless, a cheat, carry a rucksack. Why therefore, do I not know these 37 other club members. Because I do not have anything in common with them : which of course is complete nonsense. I just need to approach them and arrange a game. Its not rocket science. So my mission for 2007 is to have a game with at least 18 members throughout the year.

So far I have had a game with Warren (surprise,surprise). He has written a reasonable article about our ACW Warmaster 25mm game. I also managed to have a game with Paul B. on the 21st. We did 10mm Principles of War 1881 Egyptian vs British. Good game which ended as a draw in favour of the British. I have also arranged a FOW game with Peter D, Warmaster 25mm with Warren again and a Darkest Africa skirmish Steve someone or other.

So I have no excuse not to know or have games with other club members. I will keep you all informed of my progress unless I give up or cant be bothered.

Simon F


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