Italians enter the FOW 600 point brawl

I’ve entered the FOW 600 point Ladder and I’m gunning for an Italian victory. 


So far I’ve had a few games.     

First against EJs US Rifles with Sherman support – win

Second against Phils hordes of Russian conscripts – win

Third against Pauls deadly British Crusader Armour – draw

Fourth against James’s US Rifles with armoured gun support – lost 


On the half sized tables though there is still enough to think about. 


So what have I brought along?

       Italian Bersagliari Company   

Company Command (2 stands)   

Bersagliari Platoon (Command & 3 squads)   

Bersagliarie HMGs (Command & 3 teams)   

L6 Platoon  

Semoventi Platoon 


The games can be played in about an hour and a half and still allow a fair few troops on the table, although point restrictions and armour limitations do stop the larger tanks turning up. The games have been fun, and I’d recommend this as an easy route into starting Flames of War. 






  1. Hi Warren and other fellow gamers.
    Warren was being very subtle there. He noted his units but blended his Semovente platoon in with his L6 platoon.

    Still he did beat me fair and square. My guys were waiting for “General Winter” to close in on his troops and freeze them out of the Desert terrain.

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