Legends of the Old West

The Ladder started last night with a demo/introductory game.

2 hard bitten veterans 1 battle weary warrior and 3 novices fought a Large High Noon scenario.

Basically 2 posses of Texas Rangers backed up by a Lawman Posse tracked down an Outlaw gang, Mexican Bandidos and a rough around the edges Cowboy posse in the little town of “Getcher Eddown”.

All went well for both sides until the bullets started to fly!

My Mexican Bandits were soon down 2 Peons and a tough, the Outlaws were down a tough also. While the “Goodies” had only lost a paltry Deputy.

Get em kill

the Mexicans were soon down to half strength, but managed to stab a Vigilante in the back before “Running for the Hills”

With the collapse of the outlaws right flank they fell bcak in some dissarray killing a couple more Lawmen and of course loosing a couple of evil doers in the process.

Stage Roof

Finally it was time to pull back entirely, leaving greaving widows and saloon women to pick over, sorry pick up the dead and injured.

All three novices succesfully joined the ladder and are well placed to be killed in future skuffles.

I look forward to getting my own back on you all “gringos”



  1. Just to let those on the ladder know i’m in the process of building a decent saloon for those who fancy the bar room brawl scenario, so heads down for the saloon two step.

  2. It looks very good too.
    Kathie can vouch for all the nasty viscious corners left on the tables as her Outlaws found out against Paul’s Cowboys.
    Mind you 8 against 5 aren’t good odds when you can’t shoot and hide behind cover!

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