Mordraden Prologue Completed

Thanks to everyone who turned up and played in the Campaign Prologue.  The players were split into four teams: James F, Bob B and Pete B made up the Club Alliance; Paul N and Matt P drew the short straw being the only team of two in the Diamond Alliance, and their extra gun emplacements failed to tip the balance.  Billy R, Paul S and Craig P teamed up as the Heart Alliance, and Paul B, Gareth T and Martin S rounded off the last in the list as the Spade Alliance.

The teams had to control as many of the 5 objectives at the end of each turn as possible, with the collated score at the end of the game determining the winners, and what order (or at all) they would be able to choose Supply cards for the remainder of the campaign.

With only a few exceptions everyone managed to play within the time limits for their turns, and several objectives were hotly contested.

In the last few turns, the fate of the massive Tervigon kept everyone enthralled!

In the end though, the Club Alliance ran out deserved winners, no small thanks to the unit of Plague Marines who sat on the one objective all game without being troubled!  The Spade Alliance managed to escape from not scoring on the first three turns, and completely losing their Orky detachment, to scraping into third place right at the end.  Martin’s Librarian also managed to grab himself 5 Renown points to give him a head start in that competition.

The next multi-player game will be 22nd August, and rules for that will be posted within a short period of time.


  1. Thank you for the picture, and for organising the campaign.

    I think it would be fair to say the Club alliance were lucky winners as well as deserved winners: lucky not to be attacked at all on one flank; and having two armies against one army on the other flank! No other alliance was that lucky!

    When we used to play multi-player games in the fantasy campaign, I always asked some players to bring a spare army along to even the sides out if we had odd numbers of players. I hope you don’t mind me suggesting that it would be a good idea for the next 40K multi-player game – there was no way three BS2 shooters could stand in for a 500 point army!

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