New Years Eve 2014 – Napoleonics 28mm

To close out 2014 Jonathan, Paul and me held a fairly large game of General de Brigade on and 12by 6ft table.

Jonathan and Paul played French and I played the Russian.

The french were on the attack, they had a few more battalions than me I had 20, I think the french had 23 or so…, 5 less guns, but a few more Cavalry units than me, essentially a slight advantage to the French especially as a small Brigade of Line Inf was scheduled to appear on one of my flanks at turn 4 – which we diced for and that proved to be my undoing on the right flank as they exploited this flank attack and saw off my entire brigade in two or three turns.

Mean while on the Russian left flank – some disastrous rolling by Paul meant that his right flanking brigade had enough and departed the army line for safety at the rear- alas the Russians were slow in getting new orders and it was several turns before their brigades started to go on the offensive on the left and middle left flanks- finally there was a breakthrough and a small french brigade of Infantry was broken as the Russian columns slammed into them while in square due to the threat of the large lancer regiment nearby…

Towards the end the Russians were dominating their left flank and had multiple units from a few brigades on the retreat – while a powerful french force was consolidating their wins on the Russian right flank and the Russians were hastily re planning their battle lines there…

The centre was slow to get engaged – probably as the Russians massed a heavy battery and a horse battery to the left of centre (12 guns) and another heavy battery on the right of centre (6 guns)… but onwards the french came and were soundly repulsed – with the loss of one unit and the decimation of a line unit as it came within canister range of both left middle batteries – but reinforcements were on their way in the form of two battalions of Old Guard – but the Russian centre was held by their veteran troops so the Russians were confident that they could capitalize on their success on the left and pivot and wheel the french to form a new battle line 90 degrees to the the original – that with a strong showing of guns they hoped to tip the overall result in their favour but time was against them and darkness fell and both sides withdrew.

Overall a superb game – thanks.

The pictures:







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