Not Fathers Day Game – 2012

Well today, Warren, Mike and I held our annual fathers day game, but the more astute will realise its not quite fathers day – but that is due to Warren doing a charity bike ride on fathers day this year!

This year we returned to Greeks and Persians – we used a new set of rules that we dubbed CAC (any takers?), which to be perfectly honest is basically WAB, with a bit of COE and WAC thrown in – not to mention some of our own thoughts and adjustments to these fine sets of rules. Of course you may some prominent placement from Evans & Gleeson – the authors of the Greeks and Persians supplement for COE which we mainly used as guidance for the army lists,

Of course I use term army list quite loosely – as we simply put all our toys on the table, agreed as gentlemen generically what is what in terms of armour, weapons, leadership etc and took it from there.

Anyhow – in a nutshell, The Persians cavalry (left flank) were slow but steady in cleaning up the Greek right flank, the massed Persian right flank – took care of all the Greek levy on that flank – but it did not go so well in the centre as the Greek Phalanx were able to smash through everything the Persians threw at them – although clearly the Persians had the upper hand and won the day (Hey I was playing Persian what else would I say!)

For those interested we have no idea on points value but it was a darned big game played on a 14ft by 6ft table where figures were edge to edge! and we managed even with a 1hour stop for lunch to get 6 or 7 turns in!

This year we had a bit of disaster on the camera front so pictures below are from my iphone so apologies for this!

Next years Fathers day Game is: War of the Roses!

Andy, Warren and Mike


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