Paul's Dwarfs vs Craig's Orcs and Goblins

Paul’s Dwarfs

Thane, General, Gromril Armour, Shield, Runic Weapon, Master Rune of Swiftness

Runesmith, Hand Weapon, Gromril Armour, Shield. Runic Talisman, Master Rune of Balance.

Thane, BSB, Hand Weapon, Runic Armour, Rune of Gromril.

23 Dwarf Warriors, Shields, Full Command

23 Dwarf Warriors, Shields, Full Command

23 Dwarf Warriors, Shields, Full Command

20 Slayers

10 Miners, Prospector with Steam Drill, Musician

10 Miners, Prospector with Steam Drill, Musician

Flame Cannon

I’ve seen Craig’s army on several occasions, and although he has lots of light troops he usually uses big blocks of Orcs with supporting Night Goblins. Consequently I didn’t take any missile troops apart from the Flame Cannon, running the risk of being outflanked by wolf-riders for the chance of causing panic tests from the flaming oil. Craig also uses Goblin bolt-throwers and a doom diver, which he is very skilful with. I took two units of miners to attack his war machines and gave them Steam drills to turn up early.



























Well, Craig’s luck really deserted him this battle. He failed just about every panic test caused by the Flame Cannon, stranding his units far from the Dwarf line. In combat his Black orcs fluffed their attacks and were beaten and ran down by my General’s unit. We didn’t top up the points – I lost 110 points for the half-strength Slayers; Craig’s Black Orcs were over 300 points and their banner, plus his war machines etc, gave me a Minor Victory.

The Miners had a harder fight than I thought, making the Goblin war-machine crews flee but then being attacked by ranked Night Goblins who won the initial combat on combat resolution. The Dwarf miners got away, and they panicked the other miners who also fled. Luckily both Miner units rallied and saw off the Goblins in the end.