Porcindon’s Fate 40K Campaign 2013 – Prologue

Campaign begins 5th June!

The rules for the Campaign prologue have been published, ready for the first game on 5th June…

It has been a year since Vrax the Festering Pustulance of Mallow IX claimed dominance over Mordraden III as it was pulled through into the Warp, yet it’s only now that his diabolical plan will become apparent.  The capital system is in grave danger, and to lose it would plunge the entirety of the sector into turmoil.  But the true nature of the threat has yet to emerge; practically none of the citizens of the hives of Porcindon  know what mortal danger they are in…

What is apparent is that there has been a marked increase (excuse the pun!) in cultist activity all over the planet, and the local Arbites  forces have been stretched so thin in the wave of uprisings, that  military units from the PDF and other organisations stationed in system  have been requested to help in eradicating these insurgents.

There are even whispers that the enigmatic Eldar have been sighted on the planet targeting these cults, and if the rumours are to be believed, they have even brought a handful of Tau allies with them….

The Prologue will focus on one of these skirmishes occurring across the planet; specifically in the capital Gleesonhive, in the slum area known as the Warrens.  The Forces of Disorder will be attempting to complete a complex ritual, and the Forces of Order must disrupt the process to gain an advantage in the dark days to come.

The Prologue will be a multiplayer game between the two opposing sides in the campaign; a chance to get to know each other, arrange games for the next week, and stoke the rivalry between the two camps!

The game’s objectives will be explained on the night, but Stabilisation Points (minus some of the objective based ones for this game) will be available for both personal and collective tallies.  No Unique characters/units may be taken by either side; we’re just warming up after all!

Forces of Order

Each Force of Order player will need to bring along a force of 400 points, consisting of 0-1 HQ and then only Troops and any dedicated transports.  (No Elites. Fast Attack or Heavy Support, unless your HQ qualifies them as Troops)

Forces of Disorder

Each Force of Disorder player will need to bring a single HQ choice, costing up to 200 points.  Retinues that do not take up extra Force Organisation slots are allowed, but still have to come in at the 200 points (or lower).

Further information regarding the campaign (and it’s rules) can be found here: https://www.sadwargamers.com/sadforum/viewtopic.php?f=12&t=3335&p=5378#p5378





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