Porcindon’s Fate – Multiplayer Dogfight

The skies above Porcindon were thick with waves of flyers clashing to try and gain air superiority; the multiplayer game concentrated in one particular hotspot.

The Forces of Disorder sent in waves of Necron Night Scythes, backed up with Ork Dakka Jets and Burna Bombers, and the odd Dark Eldar Void Raven popping in from the webway.  Strangely no Chaos aircraft were seen in the battle; maybe they were preparing for a concerted strike somewhere else?

The Forces of Order scrambled a variety of craft in response to the incursion; Imperial Guard  Vendettas and Vultures, Nephilim Jet fighters and Storm Talons all rushed up in defence, backed up by a few Storm Ravens.  Tau Sunstorms were also seen zooming across the battlefield, gaining kills, but also being shot down with regularity; their drones also floating amongst the battling aircraft.

The uncertainty of the fog of war played its part at the start of the engagement, as the two flights entered the table mostly in opposing corners.  One exception was Angus’ Night Scythe, who zoomed into the board, and destroyed Matthew’s Storm Talon for First Blood.  The Forces of Disorder took a commanding lead, the Necron Lords having sent their best pilots into battle in the first wave.  The crescent-shaped craft took a battering, but their superior skills allowed them to evade the majority of hits, and the good guys lost more craft as a result.

However, as the battle wore on, these initial Necron craft were gradually dispatched, and their replacements were not as skilled as their predecessors.  Despite the problems the Storm Ravens were having in taking out anyone (despite being impressively armed compared to some), Forces of Order began to claw back the score.  As the game entered the last turn, a special commiseration should be reserved for Gareth, who had his turn interrupted by two Order players in succession, and was blown out of the sky before he could end his attack run.  In a dramatic conclusion, the result all came down to the last dice roll; Pete H had to make one last 5+ roll to avoid loosing his last hull point from Paul B’s Vulture, which had returned to the battle on the last turn; the Void Raven could not evade, and as it burst into flame, the two sides disengaged with a score of 18 kills per side…

Steve H, Mo and James all tied for most kills with 4 each, and Craig H, Craig P, Paul B and Bob also all made Ace status.  A special commendation went to Rich B, firstly for rolling 5 twos in a row to hit with his lascannons, but also for being the only player to survive the whole game; his Storm Raven remaining impervious to all the fire thrown at it!

Thanks to everyone who turned up, and an additional thank you to those who also brought the extra flyers and LOS blocking terrain we used in the game.


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