Pre Fathers Day game 2013

Well, as many people who frequent our site will know every year a few of us get together for a fathers day game – – a game of “get all your figures on the table” Army points not required – if it looks about fair sides then it is – if not then you should have painted (borrowed more figures!) and this years game is War of the Roses -and it looks like a decent sized skirmish of some 10,000 points (WAB) each side…

But to warm things up a bit we kicked off the weekend with a pre-fathers game today of ACW – a scenario loosely based on the battle of Winchester… alas for my confederates the Ambush on my right flank from the forest – was too much and although I was able to hold on- the troops became weary with the constant fighting and eventually broke – my main force was late to arrive to combat and although were managed to start to push the union from their defensive positions – sound tactical advice meant we had to withdraw following the collapse of our right flank. All in all a great game, the first with my new ACW figures and the very first on my new gaming table – to give some context to the pictures the table is 4.2M long and 1.8M wide (almost 14ft by 6ft).

Tomorrows (read todays given the time) game will have a few more figures on the tabletop!

Enjoy the gallery!
Andy, Mike & Warren.


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