28mm Napoleonic – pre game deployment

Small game of Napoleonics using General de Brigade deluxe rules planned tomorrow between Paul, Derek and I (room for 1 more player!) – figures just deployed for fun – real deployment will take place tomorrow – will try and take some more pictures! Table is 14ft by 6ft.

Approx forces are:
Russian (Figures from my coollection):
7 battalions of 32 figs Infantry
1 Grenadier battalion 24 figs
1 Jagear battalion 32 figs
4 battalions of 24 figs line
2 regiments of Uhlans 24 figs each
2 regiments Hussars 24 figs each
1 pulk of Cossacks 18 figs
2 Foot and 1 horse battery 18 guns all told

French (Figures from Dereks and my collection)
12 battalions of infantry (Lien and legere) all 36 figs
2 Battalions of Chassuers a pied 32 figs each
3 batteries of foot artillery and 1/2 battery of Old guard 12Ib’s 14 guns
1 Regiment of polish Lancers 24 figs
1 Regiment of Chassuers a Cheval 24 figs
1 regiment of Dragoons 24 figs
1 regiment of Chassuers a Cheval 12 figs


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