Prologue: Arena Battle, 3rd September 2014

Porcindon Sector Prologue 


The final battle to decide Porcindon’s fate was an apocalyptic affair, a variety of forces fighting on two planets, and streamers of etheric energy piercing the void between them.  In the end, the forces of Order were triumphant, and the lost daemon world of Mordraden III was banished back into the warp. 

However, amongst all the chaos of that final battle, no one noticed the warriors of the Kabal of the Sundered Veil infiltrate onto the battlefields, and snag a whole host of stragglers on the periphery of the fiercest fighting. These prisoners were transported back to Commorragh through the hidden webway portals in the nearby system of Wyches’ Stone, destined for the gladiatorial arena.  With no hope for escape, all that remains for these lost souls is a brief life of gory glory for the entertainment of  their captors…


Each player who attends the Prologue will need to bring one unit, up to 130 points in value.  This can be from any codex, not just the one they plan to use for the rest of the campaign, and any Battlefield Role.  No vehicles (including walkers) are allowed.

All ranged weapons have been disabled, except for pistols, which have their range halved.  Psychic powers have also been nullified, except for Force Weapons, which follow 5th Edition rules, i.e. a Ld check to activate.

(Minor) Points towards the Best General category will be available to all attendees (more information regarding the significance of this will follow after the bank holiday weekend, when I publish the rest of the Campaign Pack).


  1. A Big Thanks to everyone who turned up for the game on Weds night; I hope everyone enjoyed themselves, although maybe some people might have been regretting bringing a bike to a knife fight 😉

    Here are the final scores:

    Player———-Total GPs—-(Kill Points)
    Neil C—————-2————–42.5
    Pete H————-1.5————–40.5
    Paul S—————1—————34
    Mo J——————1————–13.5
    Andrew S———–1—————28
    Matt P————–0.5————–14
    Frank S————0.5————–13
    David G————0.5————–14.5
    Jim R—————0.5————–8.5
    Paul B————–0.5————–31.5
    Bob B—————0.5————–10

    In the end, Neil came in 1st place after racking up the kills with his numerous Wyche cults, beating Pete into second place by only two points; the equivalent of a single space marine kill!

    Paul S came in a very respectable third, just ahead of Paul B. Andrew gained a bonus 0.5 GP for finally taking down the Talos Pain Engine that had been terrorising the rest of the arena all game, and Mo was also given a consolation bonus for the most deaths; who new everyone hated Necrons so much!

    Next week is the first week of normal 40K battles; everyone who attended on Weds should have a game sorted out, but if anyone missed the start and wants to join in, they can do so; just drop me a line, and I’ll try and sort you out an opponent…..

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