SAD AGM 25th January – The Chairmans Fluff

Before I depart the lofty heights of club chairman I’d like to quickly review the club activities over the past year.

With only a few niggles the year has been one of success and significant positive aspects.

We have had very successful campaigns organised for us by Paul Nettle, Paul Belcher, and Graham Philpot, all which have involved a large number of our membership and encouraged the mixing of our various cliques. I can only hope that this continues over the next year.

The weekend events were well supported and the two days over the Christmas break saw some impressive games and mini-campaigns take place. As a club we’ve sent representatives to various competitions, sometimes doing very well, at others providing company to the other players at the bottom tables. ¬†Our club games were well received¬†at the three of the main local shows we attended. As a whole the club has grown and whilst this might offer some challenges, it is a positive thing which we can easily address.

The number and variety of games being played each week has changed dramatically over the year as new games have been introduced and found flavour, from the Flames of War resurgence, the rapid take-up of Magic the Gathering, the enthusiastic welcome of Dystopian Wars, the wide and varied incarnations of Black Powder, as well as the more recent arrivals such as Hail Caesar and Malifaux. All have contributed to the already varied and dynamic games culture we have fostered.

Before I depart I’d like to thank Simon Foreman for the dedication and diligence which he has provided as Club Treasurer over the last 12 years. He has supported the club at it’s greatest moments, as well as supporting us through our very worst times. It gives me great pleasure that we were able to recognise for his service with the honorary membership to the club.

I’ve enjoyed myself over the last seven year but now it’s time for someone else to have all the fun. Whilst I do leave with some regrets it is with a lot of pleasure that I hand over the hat of office to Paul and wish him all the best.

Guys, thanks to my committee, and thanks to you all for all of the support over the last year and hopefully we can have more of the same for the year ahead.


Best wishes


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