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The Chaos forces have beaten back the Imperial crusade in the Suindune system back to their stronghold on Suindune I – the Mechanicus Institute. As the Chaos forces descend to eradicate this foothold, Saint Josephine rallies the Imperial defenders...

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For those taking part in the 40k campaign, here are the rules for the game on the 23rd of August:

The armies of Chaos are about to make planetfall on Suindune I, the Imperium’s foothold in the system. The players will be split into Imperium and no...

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Firstly, apologies that this has taken so long to get done! Here is the second version of the campaign rules (with some slight differences to V1) and the fluff explanation of what’s going on:

Swindon & District 2017 Warhammer 40k Campaign:


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Hello everybody! Here you’ll find the starting rules for this year’s 40k campaign. The fluff and other parts will soon(TM) follow.

This year’s campaign is a weird combination of narrative campaign and standard league – regular games can be play...


please find attached the map with the latest unit builds from the end of 1876.

Next turn is due for the end of March 26th.



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1876 has proven to be a fairly active campaign year with lots of manouvering and open clashes throughout Asia.

Orders received

Some empires have forgotten that areas captured in the non-supply order turn don’t count as captured unless they conti...

There were a smattering of conflicts as the empires met in South East Asia.  China, France, and Britain all testing the others resolve along the Chinese borders.  Elsewhere Britain continued to paint the map pink (or dark blue in this game). 


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Well we did it.

We managed to last the full 25 hours without any fights, that weren’t resolved by dice roll or card turns.

We managed to raise £2500 give or take and hopefully raised the profile of our hobby and club by a few degrees too.

Thank yo...

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The map has now been revised to account for the new builds.  (I’ll look to create a nicer one soon).  If you spot any mistakes please yell.



fleet in Aden,

fleet in Bombay

fleet in Madras

fleet in Singapore

army in Delhi

Ottoman Empire


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the delayed 1872 turn results are now available.  I believe that I’ve captured the turn orders correctly, but if you spot any serious mistakes place let me know before Saturday. 

I believe that everyone captured at least one additional suppl...

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Would everyone please send me through your orders for the 1872 turn?



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Two games going on this week: Andrew S’s Chaos Daemons versus Paul B’s Crimson Fists, and Andrew B’s Imperial Guard versus Ben’s Dark Angels.

img_0078 img_0079

After Paul managed a few decisive shots in the first turn, followed by some terrible luck with the Warp...