SAD Fantasy Battle – Paul N vs Simon

The Swindon 2007 Warhammer Fantasy Campaign


Paul Nettle (Dwarfs) vs Simon Day (Skaven)



General, Thane, Hand Weapon, Dwarf Handgun, Gromril Armour, Shield. Runic Talisman, Master Rune of Spite.

Thane, BSB, Hand Weapon, Gromril Armour, Runic Standard, Rune of Determination.

23 Dwarf Warriors, Full Command

23 Dwarf Warriors, Full Command

10 Handgunners, Shields, Musician

10 Handgunners, Shields, Musician

20 Slayers, Full Command

9 Miners, Full Command

Flame Cannon



General, Chieftan, Heavy Armour, Shield, Dwarf Slayer

Assassin, 2nd Weapon, Throwing Stars, Warpstone Amulet

24 Clanrats, Spears, Full Command, Rattling Gun

25 Clanrats, Spears, Full Command, Rattling Gun

25 Clanrats, Spears, Full Command, Rattling Gun

24 Clanrat Slaves

25 Clanrat Slaves

10 Night Runners, slings, Champion

6 Poison Wind Globadiers

6 Giant Rats with Packmaster

5 Gutter Runners Tunnelling Team, Champion

5 Warplock Jezzails

Warp-lightning Warp Cannon


The Dwarfs compact line was overlapped by the masses of Skaven opposite.


The Skaven went first, and poured forwards, shooting ineffectively at the Dwarfs opposite.


Left Hand Side


The Dwarf Warriors with the BSB, 10 Handgunners and the flame cannon faced a unit of Clanrats, a unit of Slaves and the 10 Night Runners with slings.



On Turn 1 the Dwarf flame cannon shot and killed 8 Clanrats, who panicked and didn’t stop running until they were off the table. The Handgunners wiped out the Rattling Gun. On turn two the Skaven tunnelling team came on and attacked the Flame Cannon, wiping it out on turn 3. On turn 4 the tunnelling team attacked the 10 Dwarf Handgunners, but the Dwarf Handgunners wiped out the tunnelling team by turn 5.



The unit of Warriors containing the BSB faced the Night Runners and a unit of Slaves containing the Assassin. The Dwarfs won combat and pursued the Skaven across the table. The Night Runners never rallied, but the Slaves did and were charged on Turn 6 by the Dwarf Warriors who beat them and destroyed them. The Assassin escaped. picture7.jpg


The Right Side


The Dwarf Warriors with the General, the Slayers and the unit of 10 Handgunners faced two Clanrat units, a unit of Slaves, the Globadiers and the Giant Rat Pack.





The Dwarf Handgunners wiped out both Rattling Guns on Turn 1 or 2, and the fighting took place hand-to-hand. The Dwarf Warriors and Slayers defeated the slaves and the Skaven General’s Clanrat units, who took off at vast speed across the table.



The Dwarf Handgunners fled the first charge, rallied, but were taken out by the remaining Clanrats and giant rats.



On turn 5 the Skaven General’s Clanrat unit charged the Dwarf Warriors with the General. The Dwarfs won and destroyed the Clanrats along with the Skaven general.

The Slayers attacked the Clanrats and giant rats that had killed the Handgunners, and this combat was still going on when the game ended.


The Centre


The Warp Cannon and Jezzails shot ineffectively at the Dwarfs until the Dwarf Miners finally appeared on Turn 4. On Turn 5 the Dwarfs killed the Warp Cannon (the crew fled only 3” from the dwarf charge that started 1” away) and the Dwarf Miners pursued into the Jezzails, killing four. The last Jezzail was run down! Speedy miners!





The Dwarfs got 1,430, the Skaven got 475. It was a Massacre to the Dwarfs!


Thanks to Simon for a very good game!