SAD WAB Campaign Rules 2004

The campaign will be fought by individual players (no teams) between April 2004 and June 2004 using Warhammer Ancient Battles (WAB) rules. A final battle will decide the campaign winner.Basic Campaign Rules
The rules will be from the “Fighting Campaigns” rules from the WAB Rule Book, starting on page 86, except as amended by these rules. Each campaign player will select an Army* that he will use for the whole campaign. The Umpire will generate a map upon which each player will register a number of Territories, starting with 3 Territories from page 89 of the Rule Book (one Territory may be chosen and the other 2 rolled for). One Territory may be designated a players ‘Capital’. This Territory may only be staked for a battle if it is the last Territory belonging to the owner – it cannot be lost. It may never be raided.

*The basic army lists in the WAB Rule Book and “Armies of Antiquity” have been, in some cases, superseded by newer lists. Please refer to the Warhammer Players Society WAB Rules (available from their website see which army lists have been superseded. Only the most ‘recent’ list, as allowed in WPS Tournaments, can be used in this campaign.

Battle Rules
WAB has been subjected to many amendments by either further WAB publications (such as “Armies of Antiquity”) and also by the Warhammer Players Society. The current set of amendments are available from their website ( ). Please note that these include some amendments to army lists as well as substantial changes to the rules themselves. We will use WPS rules in this campaign.

How To Fight Each Other
Challenge an opponent who is also taking part in the campaign. You will normally fight a ‘Border Clash’ (see section below). However, if you lose or draw a battle you will score Grudge Points against the opponent that beat you. You get one Grudge Point if you draw, and two Grudge Points if you lose. These only count against the opponent that beat you.

When challenging an opponent against whom you have Grudge Points, you MAY roll to try and escalate the battle into a War of Conquest. If you succeed, then fight a ‘War of Conquest’ (see section below); otherwise fight a ‘Border Clash’. If you successfully generate a War of Conquest then you automatically loose all Grudge Points against that opponent.

Note that ‘Raids’ as outlined on page 92 of the WAB Rule Book can still be used.

Border Clashes
Armies will be limited as per page 88 of the WAB Rule Book (under ‘Armies’). Army size will be 1,500 points plus Territory bonuses. A player can only ever count the benefits of a maximum of 8 Territories. More may be captured, but only the Territory Bonuses from 8 can be used in any battle. Note that armies, including bonuses, may never be greater than 2,000 points.

The battle will be from a random scenario rolled as per page 78 of the Rule Book, except that if a ‘6’ is rolled then a pitched battle will be fought instead of an ambush.

War of Conquest
These will be fought using an agreed army size of at least 2,000 points with no restrictions. In other words, it is a Pitched Battle between two forces without any Territory Bonuses but which may take any ratios of troops that are legal. Players will each stake at least 2 Territories CHOSEN BY THEIR OPPONENT and if there is a battle winner then 2 Territories are generated randomly and the winner keeps all but one Territory, which goes to the loser. A player’s army that looses a War of Conquest battle will suffer HATRED against the winning army until the losing army beats the hated foe.

Special Rules

  • A Greek Army may only use Oracles if it’s empire contains a Shrine or Temple .
  • The rules for ‘Veteran Units’, ‘Veteran Characters’ and ‘Victorious General’ (pages 94 – 95 of the WAB Rule Book) will NOT be used in this campaign.
  • Where a unit has no Leader or Standard then any painted models representing leaders or standards should be placed in the rear rank and removed as casualties first, to avoid confusion.
  • When generating the three initial Territories, ignore any territories that confer no bonus to your army (eg Greek or Alexandrian armies that roll unit standards, or Nomad Hordes that roll up extra cavalry bonuses).
  • Whenever a Territory is added to an empire, the owning player must name the Territory.
  • When fighting a ‘Flank Attack’ scenario, decide the flanking force as follows. Count up all the points spent on Skirmishers and Light Cavalry. The side with the highest total of points spend is the Flanker.
  • When fighting a ‘Breakthrough’ scenario, decide the army ‘breaking through’ as follows. Count up all the points spent on cavalry (including Light Cavalry but not elephants) and the General if mounted. The side with the lowest total of points spend is the army ‘breaking through’.
  • All terrain will be set up in the same manner as at WPS Tournaments.
  • No player may play another player more than twice consecutively.
  • All battle results must either be emailed through to the Campaign Organiser ( [email protected]This email address is being protected from spam bots, you need Javascript enabled to view it ) and Deputy Campaign Organiser ( [email protected]This email address is being protected from spam bots, you need Javascript enabled to view it ) within a week of the battle occurring, or else be reported in writing at a Wednesday meeting. Failure to do so will invalidate the Territory gained.
  • Battle result reports must contain the names of both players, the territory gained by the winner, any change in Territories (if, for example, the winner chose to discard his staked territory and take the loser’s staked territory.) Also, note that the benefits from Territories can change depending on the battle result! Any changes must be reported.

Finally, this is a game of toy soldiers – and should be fun! Please play in a fair and open manner, and be especially careful to make sure that players who are new to WAB have all the rules explained to them, especially rules that are not in the original WAB Rule Book.