SAD Warhammer 40K Campaign 2009


SAD Warhammer 40K Campaign 2009

The 2009 40K campaign will be run as an Imperium (hooray for the good guys) vs. Invader (the boo hiss Axis of Evil).   This will enable there to be a winning General plus a winning Faction.

The campaign will last from Wednesday May 6th to Wednesday July 1st.  You may play as many games as you wish, but may not play the same opponent more than once in a week.  All games will be as per the 5th Edition rules using the Current version of the armies’ codex for all armies.


Army selection

The army selection will be of 1500Pts (or less) and must follow the single force list minimum and maximums, special characters (from the codex) may be used without seeking prior permission, however no allies/allied forces may be used, even if allowed by the codex; no forge world, or trial armies either.  I.e. if it aren’t in yer Codex in yer mitt you cain’t use it Bubba…. If in doubt ask!!! You may amend your list but cannot change the army.



At the start of the start of the campaign each player will start with 3 territories.  Territory 1 is the capital which cannot be taken or generate an asset.  Territories 2&3 generate an asset as per the list below.  During each Battle up to 3 asset cards (and no more than 3) may be used to help you win…. Each asset card can only be used once, but is available again for the next battle (if you still hold it).  At the end of the battle if you win you get a random asset, you generate 1 new random asset from the list below.  If the battle is drawn you keep all your current assets as it’s a standoff.

If you have not won a game either as a result of 2 Draws or 3 Losses, generate 1 random asset.



At the start of each battle the mission will be randomly generated in accordance with the rule book and the victory will be decided in the same way.  Draws are possible and will be dealt with as above.

At the end of each week the asset leader will be the overall leader, if there is a tie, then the asset leader who is also in the leading faction will be the leader, if it is still a tie they must endeavor to play each other next week to achieve this position.

At the end if the campaign, Wednesday 1st July, the Asset leader is the overall winner… we hope.


Fair Play

Remember this is a club challenge, not a Mainstream Tournament.  The purpose of the campaign is to allow you to play different people and the assets are there to add some fun.  Any serious breaches will be forced to face 2000Pts of Dark Eldar death for their next battle and will lose all assets as a result… J LOL seriously please enjoy the campaign but don’t be a beard.


Only 1 of each asset may be held and each asset may only be used once per game.  Some assets last for the whole game or in the case of Commander items, until he is dead.






Excess ammunition

Re-roll misses in one shooting phase


AP Grenades

One unit, chosen at start of game, may strike at Initiative +1 against targets in cover.  Once per game


Auto Repair System

One Vehicle may repair 1 weapon or immobilized, automatically once per game with no roll needed


Prepared Defence

1 item of terrain may be improved to +1 cover save (Max 2+) once table sides have been chosen


Anti-Plant Barrage

One area of vegetation is removed from the table before the battle starts Asset owners choice


Shield Generator

Must be given to commander, all Friendly Models within 6” (not vehicles) receive a 5+ Invulnerable save, whilst the commander is alive


Near Miss/amazing reflexes

Your Commander may ignore 1 wound per game.  You may even use this against instant death.


Grand Strategy

You may re-deploy 1 of your units anywhere within your deployment zone before the game starts, but before the ‘seize the initiative’ roll is made.


Double time Sarge

One unit may make a 2d6 Run in the shooting phase; once per game.


A quiet word in your ear Milord

You may move 1 enemy unit/vehicle up to 6” before the game starts and before the seize the initiative roll.



1 unit, designated before the game, may; if destroyed, re-enter the game, as reserves, on a roll of 4+ starting the turn after it was destroyed.  An attempt may be made each turn but will always require 4+.



1 unit arriving from reserves (Ambushers choice) will be hit by devastating Sniper fire.  Each figure is hit on 4+ with an AP of D6 (per figure).  Any casualties Pin the Unit, irrespective of fearless or morale modifiers.


Heroic Stand/Icon

Any friendly unit within 6” of an objective nominated at the start of the game (after setup, before seize the initiative) has Fearless and Counterattack special rules


Orbital Strike

If your commander is one the table, he may order a barrage on a target in line of sight.  Range unlimited, Str8, AP3, Ord1 (cannot destroy objectives).


Precise Shot

1 unit may, if remaining stationary, resolve all shots at BS5 once per game


Vital Objective

A chosen objective (after setup, before seize the initiative) now counts as 2 Objectives when deciding who has won


Vortex Grenade

Carried by the commander only.  In 1 shooting phase may use this instead of shooting.  Range 6” scatter 1D6, moves 2D6 each turn, disappears on a double.  Any model dies instantly with NO saves, dodges or anything else you can think of (if you wanna stand around watching one of them, you deserve it).  Buildings touched are destroyed (but objectives cannot be destroyed) and disappear.  If on a building and above ground level when it disappears; you take a hit equivalent to the level.  Level 1 S3 hit, Level 2 S6, Level 3+S9.  Normal saves allowed.


Jammie Gits Roll

Choose any asset you think might help….. J



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