The Sealion Flames of war campaign

will start at the beginning of November running up to around Christmas time.

The campaign is early war using armies from the ‘Blitzkrieg’ book with considerable amendments and additions for the British. If you don’t have an early war army it doesn’t matter as later armies can be used by nominating equipment as substituted for the real thing. I have an early war British army that anyone can borrow.

The campaign is short of German players

at the moment so if you fancy yourself as a jackbooted invader then now’s your chance to live the dream.

Would anyone interested in taking part please let me know by email at this address: [email protected] (or any other of the myriad of email addresses you may have for me) and I’ll send you a nationality pack.


  1. A Battle Report just in from the Cameron Highlanders.

    Whisky Company of the Cameron Highlanders was cut off and surrounded in the village of Battle, Not far from Hastings!

    German Tanks to the South with Infantry support and Panzer Grenadiers to the North with armoured Heavy Infantry gun support.

    With just a couple of Platoons of Home Guard, a troop of Royal Artillery and 2 troops of Divisional Cavalry chaps to help us, we dug in and waited for the worst to happen!

    The Germans opened up with shots from the Infantry guns, trying to soften our resolve and kill off a couple of our stalwart highlanders. They also drove their Tanks forward to threaten the Artillery park and also the first aid tent!

    The jolly fine chaps from the cavalry charged their 3 MkVIC’s out along the lane and fired broadsides in to the 5 Panzer 3’s. One of which exploded! The other troop of MkVIC’s went north and volley fired while on the move in to the Heavy Infantry guns. One of themn also went up in smoke! 2 of the 18/25 pounders opened up on the panzer Grenadiers, destroying 2 half tracks and killing a lot of the troops inside. Unfortunately for the survivors, as they bundled out the HMG’s of the Camerons opened up on them. Causing them more harm and forcing them back in to cover. Another 18/25 pounder was exchanging shells with a concealed Panzer to the South.
    The Panzers opened up on the valiant British Light tanks, damaging one. The crew jumped out to repair it. Their fellow troopers fired back upon the German tanks trying to give their friends chance to repair their tank.
    But they got hit by shells from the panzers Damaging another tank.
    Mortar shells from the Camerons were in the mean time pinning down the advancing infantry and HMGs.
    The last Infantry gun exploded and the supporting Infantry dug shell scrapes and waited for the British Tanks to attack.
    But the tank commander knew that the germans were a spent force and that they wouldn’t be attacking from the North, so they raced through the British Lines in an attempt to stop the advancing Panzers, who had by now silenced 2 of the artillery guns and the Home Guards special defence vehicle.
    A platoon of the cameron Infantry burst through the village and their anti-tank rifle opened up on the tanks, at the same time as the British light tanks, now all operational!
    2 more Panzers went up in flames and the other 2 decided that they were on to a sticky wicket and turned tail and ran for the hills!
    The german Infantry seeing their last armoured support running away lay down suppressing fire and retreated away from the battle field.

    The Camerons were safe and rejoined their unit with the loss of a Home Guard Special defence unit and 2 Artillery pieces, but had blown up 2 Armoured Infantry guns, 3 Panzer 3’s 2 half tracks and killed 30-40 German infantry.

    All in all Whisky troop had shown the Germans they were a force to be reckoned with!

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