Spirit Cats Field Report

MESSAGE BEGINS…………………………..

TO: Galaxy Commander Kev Rosse
Spirit Cats

Stormhammers (2-1)
Losses: Nil
We encountered the Stormhammer force in a region of mixed terrain. With two Ullers taking up station in wooded areas on the flanks, I was able to out flank one, whilst Mechwarrior Marcus in his Shockwave made for the central ground to engage the other, taking up a position in an expanse of water. With air and ground support, Marcus was able to damage the Uller enough to remove it as a threat from the battle. However, the enemy artillery continued to cause problems. After firing at my target Uller, I ran in to the enemy DZ to engage one of the artillery pieces. [Note for Command, the Stormhammers are employing the tactic of firing artillery, then transporting it to a new firing location.] The battle continued on each flank.

Whilst this was happening, the rest of my group was engaging four ATVs that had successfully infiltrated the battlefield towards our DZ. With the continued artillery barrages, the enemy did manage to seize control of the DZ for sometime.

However, the battle was a success. All units performed well and we suffered no casualties.

Swordsworn (1-2)
Losses: Shock Troopers; Clan Battle Armour
The Swordsworn force consisted mainly of artillery pieces and a Ryoken II, which would prove to be our downfall, as we could not find an effective counter. Mechwarrior Marcus must be commended – his actions against the Ryoken were that of a true Clan warrior. Honours must go to the infantry who gave their lives in the battle. They will be remembered.

Although the battle was lost, some important lessons were learned for the future (see summary).

House Liao (2-1)
Losses: Crane Heavy Transport; Hoverbike Squad; Shock Troopers; Salamander Battle Armour; 2xClan Battle Armour
The Capellans fielded a force of 2 Targe battlemechs and an ATV, led by a Madcat II. With such firepower and hardened armour, the only way to take them on was to “hit and run”. Whilst the Capellans alternated between the two tracts of water in the middle of the battlefield, our infantry forces engaged and disengaged in order to let myself, Marcus and pilot Dana in the Fulcrum hovertank to manoeuvre into optimum firing positions. The enemy ATV attempted to tie us up, but we successfully destroyed it before it could do any damage.

The mechs were a different matter, and only several attacks from different sources enabled us to destroy one of the Targes.

We sustained heavier losses in this engagement, including one of our Crane heavy transports, however this was necessary to keep the enemy mechs busy whilst our heavy firepower got into position. Their sacrifice was rewarded by our ultimate victory in the battle.


Republic Of The Sphere (3-0)
Losses: Hoverbike Squad; Clan Battle Armour
Previous losses meant that we needed to reassess our force. The Republic forces were numerous, and again pitted artillery against us. This was a long, drawn out battle that was in the balance for some time. I took my Dasher II “Flurry Fire” along the left flank and into the enemy DZ, whilst Marcus in the Shockwave engaged a mixed group of 2 SM1 tank destroyers, a Glory Fire tank and an Uller battlemech.

This engagement was turned primarily by the actions of hoverbike pilot Allan, who engaged the two SM1s and destroyed one of them, before drawing the fire of the rest of the group, His actions enabled Marcus and Dana in the Fulcrum to engage without opposition. Allan’s death was an honourable one.

The battle was a complete success.

Losses: 10 units (196 points) 13% losses.
The assault force performed well above initial expectations, and with losses amounting to only 13% of the entire force, would be well prepared for a longer campaign. The one concern is facing a concentration of enemy artillery. With no effective artillery of our own, the best counter tactic is to move into the enemy DZ as quickly as possible and engage the artillery pieces directly. Transports units are a must, with a mixture of Crane VTOLs and Saxon APCs being the best options.

The Shockwave battlemech also displayed its usefulness, as well as the Fulcrum heavy hovertank. Both units proved their worth in battle.

The Vigilance Of The Cat Assault Force awaits further orders…