Starting out with WAB

A few weeks ago I brought some “dipped” Athenians to the Club that were in work.  So far, I’ve finished off around 70 hoplites and I’m looking to do another 40 or so more.  I don’t have the Greek Army list but with what I have, I should end up with this sort of army:

24 heavy hoplites, 2 units of 32 medium hoplites, 16 unarmoured hoplites (or could these be Peltasts?), 16 archers and 16 javelinmen.  I also have 6 cavalry but these may remain unpainted.

I’ve got some magnetic bases and movement trays for the hoplites.  What about the light stuff?  Was it right about putting the skirmishers on round bases (pennies?).  Then there’s the light hoplites/peltasts – should they be on square or round bases?

I have the first edition WAB rule book that doesn’t mention round bases for skirmishers and I can’t seem to find it in the WAB errata.

 Grateful for any help etc with the army list and what to do with the skirmishers and lights.


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