Sunday Hall Bookings

All just to confirm that we have the hall booked for 21st March from 8am until 6.00pm.

We weren’t able to get the hall for the end of February.

We have also booked the hall for the Fantasy and WH40K event on 30th May, again from 8.00am until 6.00pm




  1. I am looking for a game. Any one want to play big WAB, Napoleonics, 28mm WW2 or 1949.

  2. I’ll bring FOW North Africa, can also bring 1949 Soviets, and even a large WAB army.


  3. Wehad a reasonable turnout of 11 people through the day covering a few games;

    Force on Force with WW2 USA vs Germans
    WH40K – various small games devised by Craig (I think)
    WHFB – Dark Elves vs Daemons (Dark Elves victorious)
    FOW – Italians vs BRits in Sicily (British victory)

    We haven’t booked the hall for April – though if there is the demand we may be able to change this.

    The next hall booking is for the 31st which is a series of competitions in WH40K, WHFB, and possibly FOW. – Details will be posted in April by Tony and Sean.



  4. can the hall be booked for october the 10th for some 40k apocalypse games as an grand finale to the 40 k campaign that i am running? and will the club fund it?

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