Swindon & District Wargamers, 2015 Warhammer 40k Campaign: Revolution!

Largely ignored in ongoing wars that have engulfed the sector in recent decades, the Imperial planet of Bunrell, an almost unremarkable grey planetoid, lazily orbits the distant star known as White Heart on the Corewards edge of the Porcindon sector, unaware of it’s steadily increasing importance within the Imperium (and the other-worldly Immaterium).

Steadily, like water from a cracked dam, dissent is brewing in the hives of the world. The populace is starving, worked to the bone in the mines and factories that dot the planet, the people cry out for aid and are ignored. The Imperial Governor, Lord Izarmbad, a tyrant and a bore, stockpiles food and arms in secret bunkers. But is this just the tip of the iceberg? Do fouler secrets lie in the many dark places underneath the Imperial Palace?

Now, a spark has lit the tinder of the repressed and downtrodden. A charismatic figurehead has been organising protest marches against the harsh working conditions, and broadcasting propaganda radio messages that claim the Governor has been skimping on the Imperial Tithe for a decade! But is this shining light as devoted to the Imperium as he claims?

As armed forces from across the Porcindon Sector begin to make planetfall, which side will they aid in the coming revolution? Will the forces of the Imperium aid their designated representative, or tear him down and replace him with someone mode dedicated to the Throne? Do the agents of Chaos whisper in the ear of the Governor? or the upstart? or both!? As for the Xenos, well, who knows what foul plans they could have for the planet?

Players should choose between the Loyalists or the Revolutionists before the campaign begins. Players can choose either side regardless of the Faction they intend to play (even Tyranids!). Players who have no particular political leanings will be sorted between the two based on which side needs more players.

The opening game of the campaign (occurring on the 2nd of September) will be a multiplayer game on one or two tables to get everybody warmed up and introduce people as needed:

Week 1 – Secure the Starport!

As military forces arrive from all corners of the sector, suitable landing sites are high-priority targets. As these vital locations will surely be hotly contested, each force has sent a vanguard to secure the starport of Signal-Point Hive.

Each player has 300 points to spend. There are no Force Organisation restrictions, and having a Warlord is optional (if a player does choose to have a Warlord, it must be a HQ choice, and will be worth a Victory Point to your opponents if slain). No Special Characters, Lords of War, Super-Heavy Vehicles or Gargantuan Monstrous Creatures are allowed. All Troop choices (but not their Dedicated Transports) have the Objective Secured special rule (unless they are otherwise disallowed from being scoring units).


Players are also encouraged to start planning their armies for the ‘normal’ games (taking place on September 9th, 16th, 30th and October 7th) as the following alterations apply:

Weeks 2, 3, 5 & 6 – “Standard” Games

Armies are chosen to a points limit agreed with your opponent beforehand, and should be constructed using the Battle-Forged method. There is no limit of how many Detachments may be chosen, Dataslates and Forgeworld units are allowed to be used provided you are able to bring the complete rules for the units you wish to use. No more than 25% of your army may consist of Super-Heavy vehicles, Gargantuan Monstrous Creatures or Massive Fortifications.

Each player chooses one of three strategies (see below) before the game (preferably informing the Campaign Organiser at least a few days in advance). If the player’s Warlord has a set Warlord Trait (i.e. Special Characters), the player may choose to exchange it for one of the Warlord Traits listed below. If the player’s Warlord does not have a set Warlord Trait, the player may choose to use the Trait shown instead of rolling normally. Even if the player does not intend to use one of the Warlord Traits, they must still select a strategy – it is suggested they choose the one most suitable to their army!


  • Sneaky

Warlord Trait – Bushwhack!: Before deployment, choose two non-vehicle units in your army. Those units gain the Infiltrate special rule, but note that this will not transfer to any Dedicated Transport chosen for the unit (if the unit chooses to Outflank, this does transfer to the unit’s Dedicated Transport). One unit chosen may also be joined by one Independent Character without the Infiltrate special rule (in addition to any number of Independent Characters with the Infiltrate special rule).

  • Defensive

Warlord Trait – Barricades!: When selecting your army, you gain an additional 50 points which may only be spent on Fortifications, and gain an optional Fortification choice if their Force Organisation Chart does not already include one. Fortifications may be chosen from the Stronghold Assault sourcebook, the 6th Edition 40k Rulebook (Aegis Defence Line, Bastion, etc.), or any other official Games Workshop or Forgeworld source.

The club has a number of Fortifications available to use in your game, although obviously not an unlimited amount! Please try and make sure your preferred Fortification is available ahead of time, or ask around for one to borrow! An open-copy of Stronghold Assault will also be available on gaming nights.

  • Offensive

Warlord Trait – Blitz!: When Deploying, your Deployment Zone is 3″ closer to the enemy than normal (this will normally mean there is 21″ instead of 24″ between you and the enemy). In addition, you gain a +1 bonus when attempting to Seize the Initiative (this will normally mean Seizing on a 5+). Your Warlord gains the Hammer of Wrath special rule (if your Warlord already has the Hammer of Wrath special rule, instead increase the Strength of those hits by +1).


  1. Amendments, Errata and FAQ’s:

    ● Due to rules for this particular instance being missing from the 7th Edition rulebook, apply the 6th Edition rules for assaults within a multi-part building (with an added*):

    “Units can also charge an enemy that is occupying an adjacent building (including battlements). To assault a unit in an adjacent building, simply declare the occupying unit to the the target of the charge. The charge is automatically successful: no charge roll is made, and no overwatch shots can be fired (the attackers are far too close for that). In the ensuing Fight sub-phase, all models in a unit locked in that combat are also engaged in the combat, and therefore fight and strike blows as normal. Neither side can attempt to attack the building itself.

    You do not determine assault results in an assault between units in different parts of buildings. Instead, engaged units automatically consolidate back into the building they controlled at the start of the phase. However, if a unit is wiped out, surviving units can choose to consolidate into either the building it occupied at the start of the phase or into the now vacant building.”

    *Clarification: After the combat is completed, the units do not remain “Locked in Combat”, neither side may attempt a Sweeping Advance, and each acts normally in it’s next turn.*

    ● In order to improve the flow of missions involving Tactical Objectives, the following alteration applies when generating Tactical Objectives:

    If, when generating Tactical Objectives, an Impossible objective is generated, immediately discard it (no victory points are scored) and generate another Tactical Objective.
    Impossible objectives are defined as:
    41 – Recon: If the mission does not use the Mysterious Objectives mission special rule.
    56 – Harness the Warp: If your army contains no Psyker / Psychic Pilot / Brotherhood of Psykers/Sorcerers models at the time this objective is generated.*
    62 – Witch Hunter, 63 – Scour the Skies, 65 – Demolitions, 66 – Big Game Hunter: If your opponent’s army contains no model or unit that would fulfill the requirements to achieve that objective at the time this objective is generated.*

    *For example, if you generate Tactical Objective 62 (Witch Hunter) and your opponent has a single Psyker model, it is added to your active Tactical Objectives, but if that model dies during your opponent’s turn (when you are unable t achieve objectives) then this Tactical Objective is not automatically discarded.*

    Q – “Do I have to keep the same Strategy for the whole campaign?”
    A – No, you may freely change Strategy between games.

    Q – “I’m sticking with a normal Warlord Trait, do I still need to pick a Strategy?”
    A – Yes. Your choice has effects on the rest of the campaign, as well as affecting the mission played.

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