DBM players have somewhat drifted away in our club, there are a few left but they have moved more and more to DBMM (the follow up to DBM)…Ancients in 15mm is still alive and well at our club but simply put not as striong as before!

The club still fields a decent team or 6 for Burton Doubles – although its more a a social gathering as you can’t call us hardened competition players with one outing a year can you now! (Highly recommended is the beer in “The Bridge” pub Burton)

We have armies from all periods, from the compulsory New Kingdom Egyptian, through Classical Indian, Macedonian, Lydian, Ayyubid Egyptian, Arab Conquest, WoTr, Tuareg, Breton, Welsh, Viking, Hussite, Free Company, EIR, Muslim Indian, Burmese, Khmer, 100 years war English, Byzantine, etc- oh and did I mention my Welsh:) oh well can never have to many Welsh:)

A game or two is invariable played each or every other week, usually at 500ap so feel free to approach and ask to join in and/or arrange game game for another week.

Author: Andy