My second battle was against Matthew with his High Elves. This was my first experience against the revised High Elves and it was a painful experience.Matthew took;
High Elf Mage (level 2)
Spearmen Unit
Spearmen Unit
Phoenix Guard
Repeating Bolt Thrower

I took a similar army to one I had fought Paul with but swapped the chariots for Ushabti (because I had forgotten to take the chariots to the club that night).

Well the game opened with a barrage of missile fire and magic as Matthew hit my cavalry units to take their numbers down. I slowly shambled forward.

On my second turn I was again hit again by missile fire before I in turn hit the bolt thrower and overran into one of the spearblocks.

When my infantry eventually got to the Elven line it was slowly (sorry – quickly) chewed apart by the swordsmen. They are real butchers (or should that be bone masons?). I also hit the Phoenix Guard with my Ushabti but didn’t little impact due to their 4+ ward save.

The combat became a slow slog as the swordsmen removed skeletons but were in turn reduced in number. However the Phoenix Guard wiped out the Ushabti in one turn through me getting only a couple of wounds through, then being caught by the combat resolution on top of the few casualties I had received.

The game came to a quick conclusion when Matthew managed to magic missile my Liche Priest and my army went into rapid melt down.

A good win to Matthew who played to the strengths of his army.

Lessons learnt.
#1 – My Liche priest is critical to the survival of my army. Keep him safe
#2 – My units work well in combo – try to dictate how combats occur.
#3 – Ushabti are wasted against ward save troops – use them against things where their strength is relevant.