Well its the start of the much looked forward and talked about campaign in the SAD Calander – Paul (Campaign Meastro) Nettle’s Warhammer Fantasy Campaign.

Normally the campaign gets under way during the summer months but this year due to several other campaigns that were run the Fantasy campaign has been delayed until now.

This year I get to take my Lizard man army again, last year for them – as next year I will take a new army – no idea what but probably one a bit different from my recent Ogres and Lizzies – so possibly Dwarfs, Elves of some kind – who knows.

The campaign is fought with armies of 1500ap, with a few restrictions on army composition e.g. no skirmishers unless you have a territory that allows skirmishers, same goes for BSB… which brings me on to the territories – you get three territories to start – you get to randomly role one, the other two you choose – careful choice is needed here to maximise the benefits of your army.  This year I went for a Town (+1 character not BSB or Wizard) and a Gold mine which gave me a further 160pts!  I also rolled up a Road which adds 25pts – so my starting army is now up to 1685pts – hopefully the extra points will manifest into a victory.

My first game is against James with his Chaos Warriors – should be a very interesting game!  I will try and remembe to post the results here.