I will be starting a WAB Gaming Pyramid from next week.  If you are interested, then please provide me with your name, the army list and variant you will be using, and e-mail address.  If you don’t have an e-mail address please provide a phone number which you are happy to be contacted on. 

The e-mail addresses and phone numbers will be made available to all of the other players in the Pyramid challenge to ensure that anyone can challenge anyone else.  Of course you can always use the club sessions or the SAD Forum to arrange battles.

Once I have sufficient names I’ll order the engraved Player Tags

These are the first draft of the proposed rules.  By all means point put to me the errors I have made and the issues I’ve ignored.

Rules below

The objective of the Pyramid is for a person to successfully fight their way to the top of the heap and remain there.

Starting Out
Each player will nominate an army for 2000 points to be taken from the WAB lists.  This includes lists from the WAB Rulebook (1.5), Chariot Wars, Alexander, Hannibal, Spartacus, Fall of the West, Shieldwall, Arthur, BBTGG, El Cid, and even The Art of War.  Whilst the army may change in composition, the actual list chosen cannot change.  Where there are variants on a list (CW Assyrian, El Cid Christians) the player should identify the variant being used.

Initially any scenario can be used at the agreement of the two players from the published books, so long as the victory conditions are clearly identified.  No scenario should be chosen which  has a likjely outcome of a draw.  There are no draws within the league challenges, a win by even the narrowest of margins is still a win.  Once I get my act together I shall endevour to provide a comprehensive set of scenarios.

Everyone will initially start on the bottom level of the Pyramid and attempt to work their way up the Pyramid.

Players on each tier of the pyramid may challenge any player on the next higher tier to a match.  The right to issue a challenge is earned only after that player has successfully defended his position.  Once a player has defended their position they are awarded a challenge token by the Umpire (me).  A player my spend their token to challenge a player in the next level above them.  If the challeneger wins, they swap places on the pyramid.  If the challenger loses, then the winning defender receives a challenge token.  There are of course exceptions

Initially all players are on the bottom level so must challenge other players on the bottom level. A player on the bottom level never needs a challenge token to issue a challenge to players on the first level.

The winner of such a challenge progresses to the next level of the pyramid.  Once all of the bottom two levels of the pyramid are filled then this option is no longer available to progress, and players must challenege the players on the level above them to progress.  This process is replicated on the higher levels until the board is populated.  Players on higher levels though are restricted by the requirement to have a challenge token to be able to progress.

A player can only be committed to one challenge at any one time, so cannot be challenged until the first challenge has been resolved.  Any challenge must be resolved within two weeks of the challenege being issued.

A player who is challenged must fight the battle within two weeks.  Should this be impossible for the challenged player then the challenger is deemed to have won, and the two players are swapped around. 

A player who successfully defends the top position on the pyramid three times is removed from the board and elevated to the lofty status of SAD WAB God(let).  All manner of bragging rights and accolades shall be heaped upon the winner and his glorious army (and if you believe that then wait until I tell you about the Tooth Fairy and Father Christmas).

Winners may use a new army to re-enter the league.  This should if possible be taken from a different list.

Special Rules
The Further they Fall
If a player in the top slot should be defeated then they will fall all the way to the bottom of the pyramid and have to fight their way back from the bottom.  They also lose any challenge tokens which they may have accrued whilst defending the top position.

Nobody Will Fight Me
In the event that a player is not challenged once they have left the bottom level, so cannot gain any Challenge Tokens, then at my discression I can grant a ‘free’ token.  This is not a right, but rather a privilege, and awarded solely at my discretion.

WAB Extras
The optional rules within the WAB 1.5 Rules shall be used.
No special characters may be taken
Oracles may not be used on skirmishing troops

Of course there are probably a multitude of different things which I have ommitted, please remember that this is mean to be done for enjoyment and is at the end of the day only a game of soldiers.