Firstly a huge thank you to PAUL NETTLE for organising and running this campaign – over thirty battle have been fought, culminating in a large battle between the Good forces (Derek, Paul and Glenn ) and the Evil ones (Andy, Phil and Warren), the narrow victory going to Evil (Hey come on this isnt hollywood – sometimes evil does get to win:)).The forces arrayed for the final battle were:

GOOD: Paul with his Successors, Derek with his Romano British and Glenn with his Huns. Evil: Andy with his Trojans, Phil with his Spartans and Warren with his Hittites.

The face off was – Trojans vs Romano British, Some Trojans vs Successors, Spartans vs Successors, some successors vs Hittites, Hittites vs Huns…all in all each side was able to field about 5500 to 6000 points. Both Paul and Andy has territory leaders in the campaign were allowed to take 2500 points each the others were restricted to the Campaign armies.

Below are a number of pictures – Phil was (and so were all the Evil side) particularly impressed with both his Spartan Sacred Bands performance who were in combat with Pauls successors phalanx from turn 2 onwards and only lost 3 figures! a truly heroic effort there. Andy managed in the last but one bound to loose his Trojan general to Dereks Romano British combined attack from the General and Army Standard bearer, likewise from the Good side Glenn lost his army general to Warrens Hittites.

By the end of the evening there were not many units left on the table, the fighting arena in the centre was still dominated by the successor and Spartan phalanx, the Evil left wing was in poor shape but the Trojan chariots and remaing heroes were faced off against one two beleaguered units of Romano British and the General and Standard Bearer, the Evil right flank had fought the Huns to a standstill…

Moment of the game, well this must go to Derek on turn two, who managed to get his Druid led Warband in a position to charge a Trojan Spearman unit, their charge went in despite taking casualties from the Trojan archers in the unit, their Hatred gave them 10 hits out of 12 attacks after re rolling for the initial misses – at this point Andy was already thinking how best to salvage this situation as this unit was about to auto break from warband, but then Derek pulled of the unbelievable – he manage to roll 10 d6 and score an average of less than 2, yes that’s correct less than 2 on the dice, in fact it was worst has he failed to score a single wound! – (Andy was quick to make apprpriate sacrifices to the great dice god – Also the warband still managed to stick around another bound until the Lukka Pirates managed to hit their flank and contribute to the Spearman unit breaking them).