Battletech is a game set in the 31st century involving combat between 60ft fighting machines known as Battlemechs.

The universe is split into a number of warring Houses who fight for planets and resources. After four great wars these are getting scarce and at this time a new threat emerged in the form of the Clans. Each Mech is piloted by a Mechwarrior and is part of ether one of the armies of the Ruling House Lords, of a mercenary group or a member of one of the Clans.

The Clans are the descendants of the once great Star League who left known space to get away from all of the fighting of the House Lords. The Battletech universe is a vast and varied place where your imagination can be let wild. At the club we fight battles involving the forces of the great houses in the early part of the millennium as well as the Clan invasion and all in-between and after.

These battles range from small scale clashes of a few Mechs a side to battles involving whole companies of Mechs and many players a side. You can get involved as much as you want from just owning a few Mechs to collecting technical read-outs and unit histories – the choice is yours.