I got a new version of Fluxx from Spot On Models last year and have been desperate to play it since.  This is a variant of the Fluxx card game as you might have gathered being based upon the classic Zombie films.

The game follows most of the Fluxx game mechanics with the game starting with the basic rules of ‘pick one and play one’ which are subsequently altered as players play rule change cards.  These do follow many of the basic Fluxx rules such as increasing the number of cards which can be drawn, played, or held in  your hand.  However, there are a few added ones such as forcing a player to ‘groan’ every time they play a zombie.

the underlying change from previous Fluxx variants is that in addition to the ‘Keeper’ goal cards which include ‘Friends’, ‘brains’, and a multitude of weapons, the deck now includes ‘Creepers’ which are various sized groups of zombies.  Depending upon the goal which is currently in play will determine whether having zombies in your hand is a good thing or not.

We were playing with 5 players and the games tended to be resolved between 5 minutes and 20 minutes of play time.  This is a quick pickup game and is a fun filler between more heavy games.  The production quality is good with well executed cartoon pictures on a nice selection of satin bridge sized cards.  One I’d recommend, especially if you haven’t already got a set of Fluxx already.