The Might of Carthage (Capital ‘C’) took on the dissident splitters of carthage (small ‘c’) as my forces took to the field against Peter in a game as part of the club Warmaster Ancients campaign.  

  It was a straight match up between myself and Peter.  Our territories meant that our armies were fairly similar, though I had more Gallic infantry, light cavalry, and African infantry, whilst Peter had a better General, more heavy cavalry, and skirmishers (foot and cavalry). My cheaper infantry army had a higher break point at 7 compared to Peters 5 due to his more expensive premium troops.

The game opened with an assault by Peter, bringing his shock cavalry against my Gallic host whilst his supporting skirmishers stripped my skirmishers away .  His troops ripped through this infantry but in doing so did lose a few stands from his heavy cavalry which proved to be important when my Elephants slammed into what remained. My elephants made short work of his cavalry and its supporting Gallic foot before catching his elephants in the flank.  Elsewhere our infantry and cavalry duked it out, with his cavalry coming out on top on my right flank as my Numidians and African foot fell to his mounted units and infantry.  My cavalry removed Peters remaining skirmishers from my left flank and centre just before Peters main van of infantry slammed into my own infantry in the centre. Peters advance came too late, as in the turn they finally hit my line was also when I had broken the last unit required to take his army over its break point.  We played out the remainder of the turn with both sides losing additional units and other units coming close.

The main crutial event of the game was ultimately decided in turn 3 when Peters cavalry failed fairly spectacularly in an flank assault on my shock cavalry when at the same time my elephants were working their way through Peters elephant unit and its supporting infantry.  It was a very close game which could have easily gone the other way.  No doubt we played rules wrongly (but I don’t know which ones). The new territory rolled up was a ‘waste’, which I gave to Peter and took his Port. My general now has the ‘Ambusher’ skill, and one of my units gained the ‘first’ ability.