No sooner had the Dark Elves retired to recover from their forray against the Vampire Counts forces than they were engaged by a force of High Elves seeking to liberate the recently desecrated shrine which I held.

My forces remained the same, whilst arrayed against me were a High Elf force consisting of;

2 units of archers

2 repeating bolt throwers

1 units of White Lions including Elven Hero

1 unit of Phoenix Guard

1 unit of Swordsmasters of Hoeth

I took the high ground, but with the High Elves deploying deep I was forced to advance into his missile fire due to his greater range.  Turn one saw the demise of my repeating Bolt Thrower, and steadily over the next four turns I saw my two other repeating crossbowmen dissolve.

My combat troops advanced on the enemy and quickly engaged them but were caught out by the High Elf always strike first rule.  My Witch Elves were quickly despatched and then despite an intercession by my assassin I was unable to break the stubborn White Lions with my spearmen before being caught in the flank by the Phoenix guard.  I was soon broken by the fear causing enemy and quickly run down.  My Corsairs on the other flank with their Repeating crossbow support faired little better as they were also quickly defeated by the Swordsmasters and their supporting missile fire.

The game ended with my characters dead, most of my units dead or little more than a few figures strong.  I was out played by Steve throughout.  The High Elves took the Shrine which I had staked, and I acquired the newly rolled Wizards Tower

The entire game from set up to tidy up took less than 45 minutes.

If I must take some comfort, it’s that under the campaign rules even if I lose my next game I’ll win a territory.  Woohoo!  I truly suck at Warhammer Fantasy.

So who’s up for a game next week?