Well the first show of the year has been and gone.  I managed to keep to my New years reolution (well mostly).

Penarth is a small show on the Western side of Cardiff.  It’s a small afair taking place in a sport shall.  There is parking but it is somewhat limited.  there were a fair selection of Traders in evidence including local lads TSS, Hobby Box, and Hershants.  The bigger boys were represented as well by Gripping Beast, Magister Millitum, Grubby Tanks, Black Scorpion, Musketeer Miniatures to name a few.  Every taste was catered for in all scales.  There was also the traditional Bring-And-Buy though this was a somewhat lacklustre affair, no doubt being severeley impacted by the ascendance of eBay.  There were also a wide selection of games on display or for participation. 

 I eventually succumbed and played in the Pirates game being run by Guy Bowers.  This was run using the new Warhammer Historical rules Legends of the High Seas.  The display was of 3 factions vying for supremacy betwee the Pirates, the Smugglers, and the Coast Guard.  I partnered off which Adam and over the next 30-40 minute was resolved a three way naval battle.  Movement was very simple abd was artillery fire and damage.  Strangely enogh we never got to see any hand to hand combat.  We did however get to peruse the book before it hits the distributers next week.  The game was enjoyable, so much so that I even ended up buying 9 pirates from the fabulous Black Scorpion range.

the only down side to the show, well when I got home I found that the Battle With Model Soldiers book by Donald Featherstone was in fact Advanced Wargames under the fly jacket.  Ah well, now to finish those pirates.