Each player can spend up to 200 points on any single flyer from any Codex or Imperial Armour Aeronautica, including any upgrades normally available to it.  If a player has excess points left over, they may also pay an extra 50 points to purchase a randomly allocated Ace Card; two may be purchased if points allow.  I would prefer players to take flyers linked to the Faction they have chosen in the Campaign, but this is not an actual requirement.

A flyer is not permitted two identical Ace cards; in these cases, a new card will be dealt.  (The Ace cards are similar to those used in last year’s campaign, but some have been altered/replaced to reflect the new rules, or to change their comparative strength).

Each player will be trying to get the highest kill count; kills will count towards each player’s Conquest Points for that round of the campaign.  At present, the game could be Imperium vs the rest, players split into pairs, or most likely All-vs-All; this will be decided on the night, once I know roughly how many people will be attending.  However, just like the Prologue, I’ll be quite happy to allow people to join in later on in the evening if they can’t make it straight away.

We’ll be using a random turn sequence method, so players will not know in what order they’ll be playing each turn.  (With an added bonus that if anyone gets an Ace card, they can get a free Ace upgrade!)

For every 3 kills a player racks up, they immediately gain an extra Ace card; these are cumulative.  If a player looses their flyer, then they may bring it back on the next turn, minus any Ace upgrades they may have bought/earnt, and minus one HP if they did not have any initial Ace upgrades
Compared to last year, flyers are even more commonplace; however If any player lacks a flyer, but still wants to play; please let me know – it should be relatively easy to arrange an extra model for you to borrow on the night.

General points will be awarded as follows:
1st Place (Most Kills)——————–1 General Point
2nd Place———————————0.5 General Points
Ace Status (3+ Kills)——————–0.5 General Points
Flyer Survives All Game (Unlikely!)–0.5 General Points
Sympathy Award (Most Deaths)——0.5 General Points
Attendance (Just for showing up)—–0.5 General Points

At the end of the night, each player will secretly allocate their Conquest Points to a single Station on the map.