I recently brought the game Ca$h n Gun$ to the club. I’m not all that sure how to classify this game since the major components are 6 foam pistols, 6 card characters, a pile of cash, and a deck of cards. The game is very much in the theme of the standoff in the film Reservoir Dogs.

The game is for 3 to 6 players, though works better with more players. The objective of the game is to be the richest surviving player at the end. At it’s most basic level the game is played over 8 rounds, with each round involving sharing out the loot from a heist.

After the loot is on the table each player secretly loads their gun (places a card in front of them facedown showing either ‘Bang! Bang! Bang!’, ‘Bang!’, or ‘Click, click, click’). Then a call is made and each of the players immediately point their pistol at one of the other players. A few seconds later another call is made and players may drop their guns, and effectively lie down for the round. This is done upon the count without waiting to see what the other players are doing. Once it is established which players still have guns pointing at someone still standing the bullet cards are revealed. ‘Bang! Bang! Bang!’ shoot first, anyone hit is knocked down, then ‘Bang!’ cards with their targets. The ‘Click, Click, Click’ cards are then discarded. Anyone left standing gets a share of the loot.

A basic level game can probably be resolved within 15 minutes, and only really requires a small table to hold the characters, cards and cash.

Advanced rules include adding special abilities to the various gangsters, or the option of one of the gangsters being an undercover policeman who is attempting to remain undiscovered whilst simultaneously trying to call in back up.

This is a very simple and easy to pick up game which has appeal beyond the normal wargaming and board gaming crowd. Given the theme of the game though it probably isn’t really suitable for family play with young children. I enjoyed the game, and it is definitely a good choice for a filler game, especially when everyone has been drinking.