Simon and I had another 1000 point foray into the new GW War of the Rings game. 

Simon took an army from the Misty Mountains composed predominatly of goblins and trolls with spider and warg support.  I took the Riders of Rohan composed mainly of cavalry with some militia infantry and the Court of the Dead as allies.   

On thing to note, although it looks like the intention for the competition play is likely to tend towards 1,500 points you should be aware that 1000 points is still a lot of figures.  Simon found that his army covered the entire width of the board sometimes in multiple layers of units.  I think there were in excess of 170 goblins alone with trolls and beasts on top.  Admittedly the Rohan force was smaller, but still represented some 60+ infantry and around 40 cavalry figures.  I’m curious to see what people do with the extra 500 points – will it simply be on characters and the more esoteric monsters and war machines? 

The game was played on a standard 6 foot by 4 foot table.  The scenario was Shieldwalls with five pieces of terrain and a store house as an objective in the middle of the table.  Since the Rohan armys main strength lies in its cavalry I tried to ensure that my cavalry initiated the charges.  That being said there was no opportunity for me to take a flank since the goblins had no flanks.  Similarly, because I had fewer units Simon was able to control the deployment and withold his prime units until after I had finished deploying.  

The game opened with a general advance by both sides.  There was little or no shooting. The second turn saw the first combat for the objective as the goblins moved their first unit into the building and subsequently fought the Court of the Dead.  The goblins were however supported by a troll outside whilst the Court was assisted by the unit of Oathsworn Militia.  The goblins were defeated, but not before the troll had reduced the Oasthsworn by a company. 

The third turn saw the first of the Rohan charges into the goblin blocks.  It was a tragic mistake, because although the Riders won, they suffered so many casualties that they ceased to be an effectiove combat force.  On the other hand, the goblins despite suffering significant casulaties were able to bouce back quite amiably.  This was to prove to be a recurring lesson, as the Riders won the fights, but lost too many riders doing so. 

By the end of turn 4 the Court of the Dead had gone along with one of the Rohan cavalry units.  The goblins had lost a small unit of spiders, a unit of archers, and a troll.  Despite their main units having suffered multiple casualties the units were sufficiently large enough to shrug the losses off. Turn 5 saw another unit of riders reduced to one company, but fortunately a unit of 4 companies of goblins went down at the same time.  By now though Simon had begun to bring his main goblin units around the table along with their supporting trolls and wargs. 

We were obliged to call it a halt in turn 6 – however I was happy to acknowledge Simon as the winner.  Although I still had a unit of my best cavalry left I couldn’t see how that unit alone could pull my backside out of the fire. 

I enjoyed the game, and although we were still referencing the rules, it was a much faster game than previously.  Now all I need to do is go back to the drawing board and work rework my Rohan list.